14 April 2013

9 season, as the time goes by

If only one last time i could see you
If only one time i could tell you what i think
If only one time i could say what i've been thinking for all these years
If only i could say that you don't matter
If only i could sat and put into words what you've put me through

God, Shepherd my dad today 9years ago
I let him lay
To still waters guide his way
Restore his soul, I pray
Lead him in the paths of right
Through the valley give him light
When he's afraid ease his fright
With thy rod and staff lend might
And thy mercy cease never

for all that you've done for me...
want to see you before I'm gettin married 

In Memoriam of Mr. Yulie Widha Supriyatna, B.E
  14 April 2004 - 14 April 2013

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